About Me

Welcome to my site!

I’m Elizabeth H. Cottrell, and I couldn’t be any happier you’re here. www.sewingandvacuums.com was born out of my longtime passion for sewing. What started as a spark of inspiration developed into a fruitful hobby. Each and every time I sew, I look forward to that unparalleled rewarding feeling of completing a project. Now, I wish to share the joy of sewing with everyone!

Of course, it wasn’t super easy nor magical at first. Sewing comes with its own challenges. With expertise founded on decades worth of sewing, constant honing of skills along with a keen eye for stitching and all things related, I promise to be of help. I’ve outlined the best sewing machines, tools and accessories that should serve beginners and experienced sewers alike.

Go explore your sewing equipment options as you read through my detailed reviews. You’re bound to come up with a wise investment powerful enough to deliver beautiful creations. I wish you luck and lots of fun in your endeavor!