Floor care products

Smart Shine by WOODPECKER: Restores the gloss and luster to your old and worn floors. Premium Quality Acrylic Urethane “Top Coat”. Easy to use, self leveling formula, for a silky smooth finish. NO SANDING REQUIRED.

Penetrating Floor Prep by WOODPECKER: This is a premium quality “Deep Cleaning” system. Removes contaminants such as oils and soaps. Prepares your floor for the successful application of our Smart Shine™ Acrylic Urethane “Top Coat”.

Hardwood and Laminate Floor Care Kit by WOODPECKER: Customized Woodpecker™ Floor Care Applicator. Extra wide base and light weight for ease of use. Low profile 360° swivel hinge for cleaning around furniture and chairs.Locking hinge and hanging swivel cap for easy storage. 755 ml / 26 oz bottle of Woodpecker™ Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner. Easy to use fine mist spray bottle.

Two custom fit, reversible, washable, long lasting Woodpecker™ “Terry Bonnets”. Unique “Non Abrasive” Scrub Pad (attached to the bottom of our Woodpecker™ Floor Care Applicator) for removing tough stains.

The Cleaning Machine by KOBLENZ: It’s a Professional Carpet Shampooer, Hardfloor cleaner, Buffer. Shampoos carpets, removes spots and stains plus cleans, waxes and buffs all hardfloor surfaces. 1100 RPM, 4.2 amp motor, 2 speeds. Cleans carpeting, deep cleans grout, buffs hardwood floors.

LINDHAUS Pure Power Dry: Dry carpet cleaning compound. Organic, easy to use, economical, no harmful residues, no toxic chemicals, carpet dries in minutes, safe for pets and children.

LINDHAUS Pure Power Protector: Carpet & fabric protector & treatment. Repeles dirt, water and stains. Improves vacuum cleaner performance. Reduces wear and tears. Reduces fading. Reduces static and friction. Safe on almost all fabrics. Super concentrated.

LINDHAUS Pure Power Ultimate Stain Remover: Neutralizes odors, environmentally safe. Works on Washable fabrics, hard surfaces, carpets, upholstery. Removes grease, oil, cosmetics, blood, crayons, paint, ink, coffee, food stains, wine, urine, kool aid.

Carpet Shampoo by Hoover, Bissell, Kirby, Joe Campanelli’s, etc.

CWP Floorcare

Carpet Cleaner Solution Center

Rug Renovator: Superior performing cleaning tool that renovates carpeted areas and rugs. Patented cleaning tool that is lightweight, durable and has a retractable handle for easy use and storage. two brush settings -easy or aggressive- give you the flexibility and the expertise to clean different types of carpet and area rugs. Side wheels give support to the brush block creating a constant angle for the best cleaning possible.

Rug Renovator Foaming Shampoo: Advanced shampoo chemistry that’s safe and leaves no residue upon vacuuming. save time and money versus professional cleaners. Safe to use on all area, throw, Oriental and sectional rugs, as well as carpeting. Leaves no sticky residue which guarantees no re-soiling and keeps your carpet looking cleaner longer.

Ceramic Tile cleaning Solution Center

Tile Diamond: One tool to clean both tile and grout simplifies your project. Patented diamond pattern is designed to get bristles into grout valleys and stay there. 8″ Cleaning head allows brush to get into tight areas and clean uneven tile surfaces, while the telescopic handle adjusts to your optimal cleaning height.

Tile & Grout Cleaner: Advanced cleaning chemistry that is safe and restores the look of both tile and grout. Leaves no residue upon wiping excess liquid with the Microfiber cleaning Towel. For use on all types of ceramic floor surfaces and will not harm adjoining carpet or wood floors.

Blue Crew Microfiber Mop: Lint-free. Non-abrasive. Hypo-allergenic. The unique microfiber material picks up and traps fine dust, pet hair, and dander. The durable, loop-ended design virtually eliminates the “kick-up” of fine particles that later settle back on surfaces.

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