Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine Review

If you are looking for a sewing machine that takes care of the basics very well and adds to a whole lot more, then the Brother HC1850 is the sewing machine for you. It suits also beginners and comes with plenty of features for the professionals.

You won’t be limited to only sewing, but you can also do quilting, monogramming, sew buttonholes, and add decorative stitches. It can be used for teaching in sewing classes as it is easily carried as it weighs only 10 pounds. The automated features make the learning curve pretty good even for beginners.

The Brother HC1850 is a sewing machine that you can plan on using and have for a long time since the features available can’t be outgrown quickly.

The Brother HC 1850 Computerized sewing machine is wholly computerized—all desirable stitches can be chosen with just the touch of a button. This sewing machines offers many advantages from its features.

It is loaded with 130 decorative built in stitches meant for quilting, heirloom, clothing, and more. It also comes with a chosen 8 styles of auto size buttonholes, including basic sewing font for monograming.

Brother HC1850 is equipped with 14 quilting stich features and with capability to do free-motion quilting.

The Brother HC1850 is one of the best and high quality sewing machines that are loaded with rich features to take care the ergonomics of quilting as well as large projects. This sewing machine is a good example of a mid-range model flexible enough to manage various jobs and basic enough for a beginner to operate. Versatility and flexibility is a summary description of this sewing machine—you can do just about anything you wish to do as sewing goes.

Why Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewer is Good for You

This sewing machine is good for you as it can do almost anything, including stitching, quilting, Embroidery, monogramming, and creates really great clothes using small ornamental stiches along the seams and across plain parts of clothes.

You can decide to use the computerized controls or the foot pedal, offering a favorable option for the physically challenged. Sew, quilt and embroider like no other with the computerized Brother HC1850 that is easy to use as well.

Beginners who are just starting out in the sewing industry will find this machine a good place to start because it’s pretty simple to learn and it is computerized. Whenever you get confused about user control you can always turn to the instructional DVD and operational manual.

For those professionals in the field, the Brother HC1850 can be a secondary portable sewing machine.

How Easy It Is To Use

This sewing machine is wholly computerized so you just select from built-in stitches through the push of a button and there you go. Threading is quick with the Automatic Needle Threading System—just drop in the bobbin and press the start button, and there you go sewing!

Sewing can be controlled using automated user controls or through the foot controller. The speed can be adjusted to suit user sewing preference.

You won’t be frustrated while working as the computerized feature this sewing machine figures out lot of things for you, for example, regarding what presser foot goes with what stitch.

Sewing That Can Be Done with the Brother HC1850

Versatility of the Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing and Quilting machine is one thing that makes it tick—it can handle many kinds of sewing with ease. User is able to choose from more than 100 stitches. With this sewing machine, you have capability to sew more than just clothes, as you can do stitches, decorating and basic monogramming as well. Therefore, you are able to sew curtains, garments, and quilts.

Handles Various Layers of Denim and Heavy Fabrics

Its unique feed system can handle a broad range of fabrics, including duck cloth, denim, and poplin. Equipped with the right needle, this sewing machine is able to work on multiple layers of denim. Heavier denim requires specialized needle to cut through the material and avoids adding unnecessary stress to the sewing machine.

Adapts Well to Quilting

The detachable wide table is adapted to quilting, although not very large, but it can be used to do some quilting jobs. Brother HC1850 sewing machine is also equipped with quilting foot, option for feed dogs and 14 quilting stitch functions, which are all suitable for quilting jobs.

Stable Enough for Perfect Stitches:

You won’t be frustrated with skipped stitches any more as this sewing machine is sturdy enough to produce perfect stitches. Just thread the machine properly and adjust it properly to clear tension. Just push the start button, and the machine starts to sew perfect stitches for you.

Variety of Built-in Stitches to do a Lot more:

This sewing machine is a great investment for the skilled sewer who wants to expand his/her sewing horizon thanks to the variety of built-in stitches that do a lot more, and is also a great machine for quick household sewing needs.

Adjustments That Allow True Customizations:

Adjustments are made easy and allow true customizations along the way. Brother HC1850 sewing machine adjustments put you in full control your project. Speed adjustment allows selecting from a set of three sewing speeds. You are also able to adjust width and length with each stitch.


Brother HC1850 Computerized sewing machine is impressive on features and amazingly lightweight, which can be convenient for trainees as they could easily carry it to fashion classes. This sewing machine is definitely a mobile sewer for fashion designers to grab and carry anywhere whenever needed.