Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Electric Sewing Machine Review

Have you been scouring the market for an efficient sewing machine that will help your work achieve professional elegance? Are you on a budget and cannot afford to spend a lot now? The Brother CS5055PRW, with its 50 built-in stitches and automatic threading feature, will be the product of your dreams. Perfect for creating heirloom stitches, the machine has multiple stitch functions which will make your work so much easier.

This Brother machine is a powerhouse which is perfect for novice and experts alike. It is one of the best sewing machines for beginners who can use it easily. Experts can use it as a backup or something reliable to take care of their basic stitching.

In fact, it is a compact, sturdy and hassle free sewing machine that is perfect for sewing lessons and can be stored and carried easily. It is one of the most affordable portable sewing machines, that lasts for years giving you high quality stitching.

What Would You Love?

The product helps you devise affordable stitching solutions. Since it is really simple to use and computerised, you will get the hang of it pretty soon. With the CS5055PRW, your creations will have a couture vibe, all set for the runway. Thread top and bottom threads with relative ease using just this machine. You can work on a large number of fabrics without any extra effort on your part. Make perfect buttonholes, zippers, decorative stitches and more to your project.

Features of Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW

The CS5055PRW has a host of features that you would think are exclusive to expensive machines.

It’s compact, lightweight and sturdy sewing machine available at an affordable price. Plus, the various useful features make the job of stitching simple for both novice and experts. Easy to operate, it requires very less maintenance and lasts for a lifetime, making it suitable for different type of fabric – be it light or heavy. The best part? It’s equipped to stitch smoothly through multiple layers of fabric. Here is a look at some of the other things that you would love about it.

Lightweight and portable: If you are someone who loves to spend any free time with your sewing machine, then this product is perfect for you because of its small footprint. Carry it conveniently from one place to another using the handle, and the light weight makes sure that you do not have to put in a lot of effort. You can transfer it from one room to the other, take it on a trip or simply attend classes.

Easy-view LCD screen: There may be a variety of in-built stitches but are you wondering how to use them? You can use the intuitive push-button stitch selectors on the machine. After you have finished choosing, all the relevant details will flash before you on the informative LCD screen. Apart from viewing the type of the selected stitch, you will also be able to adjust its length and width. The screen will also help you decide the appropriate foot for different kinds of stitches.

Stitch chart: When you are sewing, you can quickly consult the chart of built-in stitches on the machine front. This will save you a lot of time.

Lit work area: Unless your vision is clear and you have plenty of light available as you are working, your stitches might get hampered. With this machine, you will get a LED-lit work area, so you do not miss out even on the minutest details. When you are working on dark fabrics, you need even more light, and this product will be a wish come true.

Quick-set top bobbin: You can consult the detailed manual to know how to adjust your bobbin. After that, you just need to pull the thread in order to start sewing.

Automatic needle threader: How many times have we tried to thread our needle but failed? It can be really frustrating when you motivated to work which is why this product comes with a one-touch lever that acts as a built-in auto needle threader. Your thread will go into the eye of the needle with zero effort on your part.

Make custom buttonholes: Creating the perfect buttonhole is no walk in the park, but this product will help give your projects that extra professional touch. You will love the five built-in buttonhole options, flexible in their size.

Vertical spool pin: With the help of a vertical spool pin, you will get consistent feeding and better stitches. Working with metallic threads will be easy when you are using this machine.

Final Verdict:

The CS5055PRW is special because you will not get such a brilliant machine at so reasonable a cost anywhere! Get the perfect digital sewing experience.