Singer 9960 Quantum Review:Another Champ from the House of Singer

Singer has created a name for itself in the sewing industry with its high-quality machines. The brand established a new standard with the introduction of computerized sewing machines. The Singer 9960 Quantum is the latest and another impressive addition to their collection.

The singer has also included a hardcover, an extension table, and multiple accessories to create an excellent offer.

Today we will dive deep into the features and performance of the 9960 Quantum. The review will enable you to make an informed decision by revealing the true worth of the machine.

The Best Features of Singer 9960 Quantum

The 9960 Quantum is a compact, sturdy and hassle-free sewing machine that is perfect for sewing lessons and can be stored and carried easily. It is one of the most affordable portable sewing machines, and lasts for years giving you high-quality stitching.

The list of features is endless for this wonderful creation. Let’s talk about a few!

Stitch Options:Singer offers a total of 600 different stitches which you can customize with the digital control. You can set custom length and width of the stitches depending on your project.

Professionals in the fashion or apparel industry will find the decorative and lettering stitches quite convenient for their advanced projects.

Speed Control:The machine can sew at a rate of 850 stitches at the highest speed. You can control the speed and make it go as fast or slow as you like.

The slow speed is particularly suited for beginners and heavy sewing materials like upholstery. There is a lever for automatically controlling the maximum speed.

The tension is also automatically managed to provide the required tightness depending on the project.

Easy Threading and Bobbin System:Singer claims that you can thread the 9960 Quantum from the needle’s hole to the spool in six seconds. It has an automatic needle threader which makes it possible.

 But in reality, you will need to get a bit used to the system. In the beginning, you can thread the machine within thirty seconds. That also saves a lot of precious minutes!

Ease of Use:The sewing machine is one of the simplest machines to use. The mechanical structure of the machine makes sure that beginners do not have to fiddle around to get access to the various functions.

It is best to start your sewing lessons with!

High-Quality Stitches:The Singer 9960 Quantum carries out precise and refined stitches irrespective of the material. You can sew cotton or linen, knits, synthetic and natural fabrics, upholstery and a variety of fabric.

The machine gives you perfectly formed stitches no matter which stitch design you select. The quality of the stitches is also not compromised with the reduction of stitching length. You can spot the same fine work as always.

The bobbin is also easy to load as it has to be inserted from the top. The transparent cover lets to keep a track on the thread availability.

Buttonhole Stitching:You also get 13 different buttonhole stitch designs along with the 600 stitches. Now you can let the machine take care of creating perfectly stitched buttonholes without any manual effort.

Automatic Electronic Thread Trimmer:

The Singer 9960 Quantum ships with an automatic thread trimmer which cuts the thread from both ends. You don’t need to search for your scissors when there is a thread to cut!

 The Top Advantages of the Singer 9960 Quantum

You can enjoy several advantages with this machine. It is one of the most professional machines which create stunning stitches with perfection. Even at high stitching speeds, you won’t find any errors. The results come out excellent every time.

The 9960 Quantum can also handle different types of materials quite well. You can even stitch materials like canvas and vinyl without any problem.

Even with such advanced features, the machine is super easy to control. We have already talked about the quick threading and bobbin system. You also have 18 different kinds of pressure feet included in the box for greater convenience.

You can even sew without the foot controller using the electronic auto pilot mode. The machine also ships with a large extension table which gives you the required space to work. The free arm also makes it easy to hem pants and sewing sleeves and other items.

You will also find two LED lights which make it possible to work in the dark without disturbing others. It is particularly useful when you have a sleeping baby to keep an eye on while working.

Singer also provides numerous accessories for free. You will get 18 pressure feet meant for different sewing purposes. The product also comes with spool caps, needle bobbins, a good quality dust cover, quilting bar and other goodies.


The Singer 9960 Quantum is an outstanding machine which creates professional results. It’s heavy duty with a strong metal frame and guaranteed to handle heavy projects effectively. The machine is heavy, weighing over 20 pounds and contributes to the stability. But it also makes the machine less compact.

The features make the machine fit for beginners with features like speed control and automatic tension. The extensive collection of stitches and superb performance also makes it fit for professionals.