SINGER XL-580 Futura Embroidery and Sewing Machine Review

If monogramming and personalizing textiles is your hobby then the “SINGER XL-580 Futura Embroidery and Sewing Machine with 250 Embroidery Designs” will undeniably abet in letting your creative heart present some truly alluring designs. Also, it is said that “when it is made from the hand, it is given from the heart”!

With this Singer product, you can create unique designs that people would love or just ramp up your style quotient – giving stitching the personalization it needs. For instance, you can go get an already made ‘throw’ and embroider it according to your choice.

The other thing that can make basics look truly impressive is monogramming. And it’s not difficult to find some inspiration. If you browse around on Pinterest, you will definitely come across the hottest creations, that have been made through monogramming.

Is It For You?
For college girls, it can be super useful, because everyone has been wearing jeans with monogrammed back pockets, hoodies with their initials monogrammed at the back and so on! Such creations evidently show the ubiquitousness of personalizing.

The Top Features
This machine, in particular, is an ”all in one” machine as it fulfills all the needs that one can have related to sewing and embroidering. You just need to hook it to a computer to start working with it, and don’t worry because you will also get the software that you need to load into the computer(options of hyperfont, advanced editing, and auto punch is available to help in the creation of flawless designs).

1. A Good Design: In addition, the standard accessory collection will also be provided along with some extra goodies. So, all in all, you will be getting the embroidery unit comprising of a large embroidery hoop, a small embroidery hoop along with an endless embroidery hoop! Also, you get the arm storage accessory tray with all the necessary goodies inside.

2. Computerised, the Way You Want It: It is a beautiful computerized sewing machine and truly feature-rich as you can import almost any design that you find on your computer and get that exact design imprinted on the fabric as embroidery.
There are several systems out there which have a particular set of designs and therefore limit the possibility of having access to other free designs. Also, most embroidery manufacturers have proprietary designs, so consequently, they just want you to buy their designs. But, with SINGER you can have all the fun while creating the embroidery as you are not locked in.

3. Easy to Use: Once, you get familiar with the basic use of this machine by going through various stitches to see how it operates, you can slide off the accessory storage tray and slide on the embroidery arm, which will convert the sewing machine to an embroidery machine.
This is a lightweight sewing machine. It weighs a little and is very easy to carry even for kids. Its small body can manage space it your wardrobe also and make it easy to store. Its inbuilt folding handle makes it more comfortable to carry.

4. Great Designs to Choose From:There are also 250 inbuilt designs and a clipart library which will help you in creating your very own designs by using auto punch. Then you can combine it with the ability of hyper font which is able to take every true font into the computer’s hard drive and convert it into a stitched design. The possibilities provided by this amazing machine is endless as you can enhance the look of various things in a jiffy!

You make giant designs of 11*19 inches or create beautiful pieces by using the multi-hoop technique. Also, by using continual hooping you can come up with impressive borders on cushions and bed sheets.

Should You Buy It?
There is no reason as to why you shouldn’t. The Singer Product delivers on performance and is easy to maintain too. The only thing you need to do, as recommended by sewing experts it, is to keep the machine dust free for consistent performance. This machine not really need lubricating much but you can lubricate it when needed. If you use your Singer often, don’t forget about the maintenance.

Go ahead, grab this extraordinary machine, give a nudge to your creativity and throw together the gorgeous designs!

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